This is one special Mother’s Day, moms! These past few months have put you into Super-Mom status. You’ve been a teacher, a coach, a cook, a mediator, and so much more. You are strong and resilient and you are noticed! 💪 

So, rather than having to answer all those questions like “What do you want for Mother’s Day, mom?!” Or “What should we do today, mom!?” … here’s a fun and easy way to take that off your plate.

Just print this up, hang it on the fridge, and sit back and relax!

Download the 1-page party for 16 WAYS TO CELEBRATE MOM and enjoy the day!

  1. Pick a flower for mom

  2. Make coffee for mom.

  3. Write a letter to mom telling her all the ways you appreciate her

  4. Decorate a door with notes and flowers

  5. Make mom breakfast (Try our Cheesy Breakfast Burrito!)

  6. Start a gratitude jar and fill it with notes for mom

  7. Do the dishes

  8. Hug mom

  9. Make a homemade card for mom

  10. Go on an adventure in nature. Where? Anywhere! Nature is everywhere!

  11. Have a board game marathon

  12. Create a scavenger hunt with clues to find notes and gifts for mom

  13. Make a video to thank mom

  14. Create a happy memories box

  15. Make mom a Sweet Fruit Wrap for dessert!

  16. Do your chores with joy! 🙂

Keep the fun going all week with these fun and yummy recipes kids will love to make! Just click here!

We wish you a beautiful, healthy, and happy Mother’s Day!